The Rock's Hobbs & Shaw Knocks The Lion King Off Box Office Top Spot

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's new movie Hobbs & Shaw, which also features his cousin Roman Reigns, climbed to the top spot at the box office on its worldwide debut (via WWE.com), knocking off Disney's The Lion King off the highest rung after its two-week stay.

The film, a Fast & Furious spin-off in which The Rock and Jason Statham are the main characters, pulled in $180.8 million globally, with $60 million coming from tickets sold in the United States. However, it did not do as good as recent Fast & Furious movies have done on their debuts.

Of course, that's pretty understandable as the brand made famous by the likes of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker is one of the most respected franchises in the industry and has a remarkable following - spin-offs, not so much.

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The Rock brought Reigns in while the WWE superstar was away from the ring battling leukemia. And the pair came together for a fight scene in Hawaii during which The Big Dog regrettably nearly killed a cameraman.

Hobbs & Shaw takes place outside of the previous eight Fast & Furious movies and couples The Rock's federal agent Luke Hobbs and Statham's mercenary character Deckard Shaw for some seriously fast-paced action.

With Fast & Furious 9 set to drop next May, the current spin-off serves as a great filler.

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It is expected to make some respectable bank too. The last two films from the franchise each raked in over $1 billion, with The Fate of the Furious making $1.2 billion and Furious 7 making $1.5 billion. Johnson and Statham are now regulars, having come on board a bit later.

Despite Hobbs & Shaw racing to the top, its domestic pull is the smallest for a Fast & Furious film since Tokyo Drift in 2006. It seems that most of the money will be made overseas and, given that it hasn't dropped in China yet, it's likely to really take off when it launches in the Asian country on August 25 as movies from the franchise tend to do remarkably well there.

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