The Shield To Open WWE Raw Tonight With Farewell Address

WWE has announced that The Shield will open Monday night Raw to give their final farewell as a trio to the WWE Universe.

In dominant fashion, The Shield proved, once again, they are one of the most powerful factions in WWE. They took out the team of Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley at WWE Fastlane on Sunday and closed the show by standing in the ring and giving the trademark Shield sign as a group. That close, however, wasn't the final time The Shield will be together as a group. No, if what WWE is promoting for Raw is true, the three members of the group, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will stand in the ring together one final time and open tonight's RAW from Pittsburgh with their farewell address.

During the pay-per-view on Sunday, the announce team noted on commentary several times that Dean Ambrose was leaving WWE in April and that meant this was the last time the group would be together in a big event match. Since WrestleMania 35 will see Rollins take on Brock Lesnar, The Shield won't likely have another pay-per-view to work as a team before Ambrose departs.

What is interesting about this promotion by WWE, is that locally in Pittsburgh, there has been a promoted rematch pitting The Shield vs. Corbin, Lashley, and McIntyre for some time. Comments on the tweet by WWE have ranged from jokes that this is the last time... we really mean it, to the idea that something like a turn is coming.

What This Means


That wouldn't make much sense if Ambrose is, in fact, leaving. Roman won't go heel having just come back from fighting with leukemia and Rollins to set to face Lesnar as the babyface. If a turn is coming, who would it be?

The other rumors recently include Ambrose potentially not actually leaving WWE. With how freely the company has discussed his exit in a month (which is extremely rare), there are many who believe this is a storyline of some sort. Perhaps that storyline begins tonight.

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