It's Time Fans View The Miz As An All-Time Great

While Raw 25 was packed with returning stars, one of the highlights of the show was The Miz regaining the WWE Intercontinental Title in a match against Roman Reigns. It is now the eighth reign for The Miz as the IC Champ and he's quickly approaching the top of the leaderboard as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Title holder in WWE history. He's also only one reign shy of the most runs as champion.

But, his status as an Intercontinental Title icon is only scratching the surface of what makes The Miz one of the all-time greats. A former reality show television star, he wasn't given much of a chance at making it as a professional wrestler. Yet, here he is, nearing the record-books, becoming more and more popular than ever and gaining momentum after a long career that was likely never expected to happen.

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His Popularity

The Miz has never really been a "good guy" in WWE. Almost exclusively the heel character, he's gotten over with the WWE Universe in a major way and he's done so when others used a push from the writers and higher-ups to earn their spot.

It can be argued The Miz isn't being held down (how can one argue that with all the title reigns he's had), but he's not getting help, nor is he the product of a huge marketing machine meant to make him popular. He's a hit despite the WWE trying to simply place him "somewhere on the card."

The Miz has developed a huge following and he's done so on the losing end of most, if not all of his major feuds. In a way, he's the Roddy Piper of today's WWE and that's a huge compliment.


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His Matches

The Miz will be the first to admit he's not a high-flyer. He's not the most technically gifted athlete in the WWE and he's not the proud owner of the WWE's greatest physique. What he does, however, is deliver solid match after solid match with almost anyone he's placed into a program with.

His victory on Monday is just another example in a long line of matches that were well done, solid and noteworthy. He makes his opponent look strong and in the process, gets himself over. He's delivered night in and night out for years and he's finally getting credit.

His Mic Skills

There may be no better worker on the mic today than The Miz. Constantly delivering with his choice of words, it is undoubtedly his strongest feature. He used platforms like Talking Smack and MizTV to make himself a star and he's setting an example that writers in the WWE and management could only wish most of the roster would use as motivation to improve.

A testament to his strength is the WWE's trust to put him with weaker talents and celebrities like the Ball Family who had all the potential in the world to be a trainwreck.


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He Gets Others Over

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel don't deserve to be as popular as they are, yet as part of the Miztourage, they are huge fan favorites. An underground swell has become a storm of cheers and hope from the WWE Universe that either Dallas or Axel might one day get a push. The WWE Universe is actually happy to see these two on television these days and that is, in large part, thanks to The Miz.

Miz makes others watchable and the intolerable, tolerable.

The Miz is quickly rising the charts as one of the WWE's most reliable talents. He's trusted, he's asked to rep the company and he's extremely entertaining on a show that is often considered a snoozefest. If he's not yet one of the all-time greats to some, give it time.

He unexpectedly won Rolling Stone's Wrestler of the Year in 2017. The next time he wins something similar, it won't be so unexpected.

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