TLC 2018's Main Event Was Charlotte Flair's 'Orton Vs Foley' Moment

Despite how much incredible work the women of WWE have done over the last few years, there are still a handful of firsts they are yet to tick off. On Sunday night, that list got a little shorter. Charlotte Flair, Asuka, and Becky Lynch compete in the first-ever women's TLC match. It should also be noted that the match was the PPV's deserved main event, something else that was only done for the first time in 2016. As expected, the match was unmissable. Plus, it also featured a cameo appearance from Ronda Rousey. The Rowdy One costing Flair and Lynch the match reminded us that the road to WrestleMania is about to begin.


We were also reminded of what exactly Flair can be when she is at her very best. Ever since The Queen beat down Rousey at Survivor Series, there has been a great deal of ambiguity when it comes to what she is exactly. She was a face, but it doesn't feel like a full heel turn. It has been good, though. That's because as talented as Flair is in the ring, deep down, we all know she is a better heel than a face. The seven-time Women's Champion likely knows it herself.

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Even though there was no moment during the triple threat match at TLC we can point to and say "oh right, she is definitely a heel now," whether you like her or not, you were likely in awe. Although all three women in the match gave it absolutely everything on Sunday night, it was a match you can point to and say "this made me understand what WWE sees in Charlotte Flair." WWE has been pushing Flair ever since she was in NXT, but it hasn't been your garden variety push. Amid this women's revolution, it has been evident Flair is the centerpiece in WWE's eyes. No matter who tries to outshine her, WWE has blinders on and has persevered with the Flair push.


You can almost liken it to Vince McMahon's fondness of Roman Reigns. It is similar in a number of ways, but also a lot less obvious for many reasons. First of all, the women's division has had less of a spotlight on it than the men's, especially for the first part of Flair's career. So, even though Flair has been in a top spot for her whole main roster career, it hasn't felt as forced as what WWE has done with Reigns.

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Even though it might seem like an extremely different situation, Flair's last couple of years have also been like Randy Orton's first few. Due to his pedigree, his look, and his ability, WWE was also going to have big plans for The Viper. It took a different kind of match with a special type of performance for the masses to really see why he was so good. That came at Backlash 2004. Orton took on Mick Foley in a brutal and violent No Holds Barred match. It truly put Orton on the map. He had been in big matches before, but that was when most fans knew he was special.


We believe Flair had that moment at TLC. She has been a champion seven times and wrestled in countless matches. She has even already wrestled in more WWE matches than her Hall Of Fame father. However, TLC felt different. From what looked like a rib-breaking hit which she took from Lynch as she was laid out on the announce table to the menacing look on her face as the show went off the air. It couldn't have come at a better time either. Many fans have likely been wondering why WWE hasn't been backing Lynch from the very beginning considering how good she is now. Flair showed us exactly why she will be one of the faces of the company for years to come.

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Last but not least, how everything went down at TLC has likely got fans wanting Flair to continue to be involved. Since she has already faced Rousey, many would have been looking forward to Lynch getting her chance at WrestleMania 35. We are now assuming that WrestleMania match will be a triple threat, and we are definitely OK with that. It also makes it almost certain that the three of them will be headlining WrestleMania together. We hope all three women make it to April 7, 2019, unscathed as even though it's almost four months away, we already can't wait for this one.


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