Tom Brady Sits Behind Mark Sanchez In Road Playoff Wins

Now, here's something that Tom Brady doesn't have, more wins on the road in the playoffs than Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez currently has more away victories in the playoffs than the GOAT He sits with four wins on the road, while Brady currently has three. While this stat likely won't keep Brady out of the hall-of-fame. It does indicate how much he has struggled against teams in the playoffs when he doesn't get to play at Gillette Stadium.

Brady has played the majority of the playoff games in his career at home in Foxborough. He currently owns a record of 20-3 at home during the playoffs. However, he has a record of just 3-4 when facing opposing teams in their home building.


Sanchez gained his four road playoff victories during the 2010 and 2011 seasons when he was the quarterback of the New York Jets. All six of Sanchez's playoff games have come on the road, with the Jets.

The man who created the iconic "But Fumble" moment is definitely nowhere near the level of greatness that Brady is on. But, it's very interesting to know that a player who played in the same division has more wins on the road in the playoffs.

It's also interesting to note that Sanchez defeated Brady at home in a playoff game back during the 2010 season. That game took place on Jan. 23, 2010 in New England, and the score actually ended up being closer than most people would think.

The final score was 28 to 21 in favor of Sanchez and the Jets. He threw for 194 yards, completed for three touchdowns and also averaged 7.76 yards per catch. So, thanks to this win, Sanchez sits in front of Brady for victories in the playoffs while on the road.

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Despite all this above, Brady has a chance to tie Sanchez for playoff victories on the road this Sunday. His Patriots are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs on the road at Arrowhead Stadium.

Where Brady will look to not only advance to his ninth Super Bowl appearance. But, also to show everyone that he can still be the same player that he is at home when he's playing on the road.

What This Means

Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback that has ever played the game of football — which is why this is just a funny stat for fans who love to hate on Brady and what he has accomplished in his spectacular career.

If he doesn't win on the road this Sunday against the Chiefs, then it's very likely that the conversation around the NFL will again be about how Brady isn't the same when he plays on the road.


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