Tommy Dreamer On What's Keeping King Kong Bundy From WWE Hall of Fame

Tommy Dreamer recently told a story about the late King Kong Bundy and what Bundy did that might stop him from ever being part of WWE Hall of Fame.

On a recent episode of Dreamer's House of Hardcore Podcast, he relayed a story about when he, Bundy and others were a part of the original ECW. Many years later, after Dream was working in Talent Relations for WWE, the company need a former heel character to come back on a short-term stint to work with Randy Orton. Among the names considered, Bundy was WWE's first choice.

Dreamer said he was tasked with using his contact list from back when he met Bundy in ECW, reaching out and trying to get him to come aboard.  After leaving messages and not hearing back for a while, WWE was about to move on until one day he got a voice mail from Bundy. Dreamer said that the voice mail was Bundy saying how he had no hard feelings toward Dreamer himself but that the only way he would even consider coming back to WWE was if Vince put a title around his waist or he paid him what he considered a ton of money Vince owed him.

Still irked about the fact WWE never repaid Bundy for putting over Hogan at WrestleMania II, Bundy asked Dreamer to relay a message to Vince. That was for Vince to "go f--k himself."

Dreamer at first didn't relay that message, only that Bundy wasn't interested but when pressed for what Bundy actually said and why he declined, Dreamer told the truth. Dreamer's boss at the time, Johnny Ace, ran down to his office and asked Dreamer why he would send that message to Vince? Dreamer responded because he asked.

What This Means

WWE has forgiven wrestlers for a lot worse things so this probably really isn't the reason Bundy isn't yet in the Hall of Fame and it shouldn't stop him from making it at some point.  To be honest, if Vince kept out everyone who ever told him off, there wouldn't likely be much of a WWE Hall of Fame.

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