Tony Atlas Says WWE Doesn't Need Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks has been on hiatus for three week now, as the former Raw Women's Champion continues to consider her future in WWE.

The Legit Boss has been off of television ever since her and Bayley dropped the Women's  Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 35 to The IIconics. Banks was dissatisfied to learn that they were losing the titles, with her and Bayley apparently believing that they would endure a longer run as champions.

WWE has granted Banks time off, and she's missed the last three weeks of Monday Night Raw. Rumors have began swirling about a return in the near future, but everything is up in the air right now.

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Whatever happens with Banks, Tony Atlas - a Hall of Famer - believes WWE can succeed without Banks. He explained his thoughts in an interview with Boston Wrestling MWF (h/t WrestlingInc.com):

"You always get it at home...Now, if she [does] decide to come back, they're going to destroy her. Her career is over. They'll job her out. She lost [reliability], because what she... just told them, 'you can't trust me.'

That's all she did. She let the wrestling world [down], and not just the wrestling world; everybody [who is] affiliated with the WWE is looking at it the same way."

Atlas went on to add that Banks has "left a spot," for other talents to take over, and that "they're glad she's gone." On top of that, the wrestling legend said "WWE don't need Sasha Banks," but that the Legit Boss "needs WWE."

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Atlas has made some strong points, in that Vince McMahon could make it personal with Banks once she returns. Maybe he decides to end her push, but at the same time, Banks could decide to leave altogether if WWE won't give her the character direction she wants.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that WWE could "freeze" Banks' contract as she continues to sit out, which means they clearly aren't interested in releasing her. There is obviously plenty of stuff to work through if Banks does end up returning to the WWE, but for now, we can only sit back and see how this plays out over time.

What This Means

It's easy to understand Banks' frustration in WWE. She hasn't gotten much of a push since her last reign as Raw Women's Champion, and WWE simply hasn't made the most of her talents. But unfortunately for Banks, WWE doesn't seem keen on releasing her, so odds are she'll have to come back at some point and hope for the best.

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