Tony Khan Comments on CM Punk's AEW Status

While CM Punk remains on the list of talent's Tony Khan would love to have join AEW, that he was not at Double or Nothing should not be the focus.

As many of the higher-up in AEW did, AEW President Tony Khan spoke to the media after last night's AEW Double or Nothing show and during a media scrum was asked about his relationship with CM Punk and if there was any news to report on that front?

Double or Nothing was a massive show for the new wrestling promotion. It included fantastic matches, big main events, emotion and a surprise debut by Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose of WWE fame). Still, there were a number of fans hoping to see Punk show up. He didn't.

With that, people were bound to ask about him and Khan said when questioned, Punk is still on his list of people he'd love to have on the roster but, AEW has done well to get a number of the names that were also on his list.

Thanks to the video below by Wrestling Inc. we can see how Khan responded when he asked, "What's a one person wrestling company?" He went on to answer the question himself. "There's no such thing."

Khan explained that Punk was on the first roster he sketched out when listing who he'd target if the promotion went ahead but also mentioned that everyone in the company right now was also on that list. "Most of them are here. I got almost every person I wanted."

Khan said, "I have a good relationship with Phil, I think he's awesome. He was not here, as you saw, I think that's not the story of the show. That would be a real insult to what we've all done to make that the story of the show."

What This Means

There will come a time if Punk is not interested in coming to AEW, or any wrestling promotion, that these questions will grow tiring. The reality is, AEW would love to have him, the door is always open but the ball is in Punk's court.

In the meantime, fans should enjoy Double or Nothing for what it was, not what it wasn't.

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