Tony Khan Details What Sets AEW Apart From Other Wrestling Companies

Owner and President of AEW, Tony Khan recently sat down for an interview and walked through a number of items related to the company including what sets them apart.

Khan spoke with WSVN-TV Entertainment Reporter Chris Van Vliet in Jacksonville and the two spent about 30 minutes going over a number of topics related to the company. From their upcoming Double or Nothing pay-per-view to Dustin Rhodes joining the promotion and how that happened to just how fast the company is expanding and making a dent in the wrestling industry, he called AEW a blend of great performers and the greatest minds in the business. He added that when you combine that with the unique financial resources they have, they have an opportunity to do what no other wrestling company has done before.

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When asked if comparisons can be made between a company like WCW and AEW, he said he didn't want to compare them, even if certain similarities exist.

Khan suggested that AEW has the best performers in the world and will have unique elements that offer in-ring experiences for fans, Khan explained that the company is something that, at first, his dad didn't really understand what he was putting his money into. Now that he's seen the buzz, his father is even more excited. His father and the money he brings is full on board now and he said, “We have people that are the best at their style, best at their size,… there hasn’t been a roster of this caliber with the financial resources ever.”

What This Means

For fans who think AEW is just another indy promotion that will fade, think again. Khan talked about a five-year plan and suggested that they will have incredible production value, look at leading-edge tech to incorporate into their tv programs and that they will continue to bring in the best of the best.

He didn't get into the business to put himself on tv, he got into it because he truly believes it will be one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world. Seems that he's convinced his dad of that too.

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