Triple H Gives Post-Surgery Update Following Crown Jewel Injury

Triple H has posted a photo and a tweet updating fans on his status following surgery to repair his pectoral muscle.

At Crown Jewel, The Brothers Of Destruction and D-Generation X struggled to put on an entertaining main event. Part of that was due to the injury Triple H suffered early on in proceedings. The Game spent the majority of the match laid out at ringside so that officials and medical personnel could check on him.

Turns out that The Cerebral Assassin managed to tear his pectoral muscle. Painful stuff. Upon hearing that news, it made the fact that The King Of Kings returned to the action and finished the match even more impressive. Triple H posted a photo of his injury on Twitter earlier this week and to put it mildly, it looked pretty brutal. We have personally never seen bruising like it.


Triple H posted the photo not only so fans could see the damage, but to reveal he was having surgery on Tuesday morning. The King Of Kings has now posted a second photo, this time post-surgery, revealing that all went well. You can check out the pic of Triple H in his hospital bed below. He wrote "Out of surgery, happy to report all is well," and that his road to recovery starts now.

It is probably going to be a long road to recovery for The Game. Reports suggest that it will be at least five months until his pec has fully recovered. That means even if Triple H's recovery goes completely according to plan, he will have no time to be inserted into a WrestleMania matchup. If that is indeed the case, it will be the first WrestleMania the COO hasn't competed on since 2007.

Sadly, that means the WrestleMania showdown with Batista WWE hinted at on SmackDown 1000 is likely off the cards. Hopefully, Batista still returns, but chances are a match with Triple H was one of the reasons he would have come back for a short run. You never know, though. Plus, without Triple H and Roman Reigns, Vince McMahon is going to need to convince as many big names to take their places at WrestleMania as he can.


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