Triple H And Goldust Share Interesting Place In WrestleMania History

WrestleMania season is as much about the stories that make it up as it is about the matches. Most of those stories are about glory, from and underdog finally winning it all to settling a long running feud. Whatever the case, these moments are what make it so special. One of the more interesting stories isn’t quite as positive, but it is still just as grand.

WrestleMania has a long, treasured history of delivering the biggest moments in all of Sports Entertainment. Two such moments involve the win-loss records of two of WWE’s most well-known Superstars: Triple H and Goldust. Going back to Wrestlemania XII, Hunter’s biggest accomplishment at the event is holding the record for the most losses, going 9-12. Goldust on the other hand, has also been involved with “The Show of Shows” since WM XII, but has yet to win a match, currently sitting at 0-6.

Over his twenty-one WrestleMania matches, Triple H recently took the record from his friend, Shawn Michaels, when he lost to Seth Rollins in a grudge match over a year in the making. As for Goldust, his last appearance was at the 2017 show, being eliminated in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, as seen below.


While both superstars have done a lot during their careers, having amassed a combined forty-five titles, true WrestleMania success seems to have eluded them. In The Game’s case, a lot of that has to do with the caliber of opponent he has faced, as many of those matches were against top competitors for one championship or another. For a rundown of his record, see here. For the Bizarre One, it’s really hard to say as his matches were never of the highest caliber and have recently been buried in the pre-show.

In the past twenty-two years, these legends have given us countless WrestleMania moments, but time has been taking its toll on them for a while. Transitioning into his role of Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative for WWE more and more, the coming tag match against Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle could very well be Triple H’s last shot at redemption. On the flip side, it’s hard to say if we’ll ever see another Goldust WrestleMania appearance, but it would be a shame to not see him finally get that victory.

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