Who Pushed For Jeff Jarrett To Join The WWE Hall Of Fame?

WWE announced this past Monday that former WWE Intercontinental Champion and founder of TNA and GFW Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett will be the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. To some, the announcement came as somewhat of a surprise.

While Jarrett has achieved a number of great things in professional wrestling, he's also had a strenuous relationship with many in the WWE and wrestling in general. Perhaps it was a case of burning bridges in an attempt to make his upstart promotions profitable or it was a performer who didn't get along well with others, but as recently as late 2017, Jarrett was on the outs with a number of WWE stars, had separated GFW (Global Force Wrestling) from Impact Wrestling and had entered the WWE-sponsored rehabilitation program to help deal with a number of vices that had been haunting him.

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So, with Jarrett being the kind of wrestler and pro-wrestling talent not at the top of most people's Hall of Fame lists, what, or who was able to push for him to be inducted as part of the 2018 class?

The answer appears to be Triple H. Following the hire of former longtime TNA employee Jeremy Borash and the rumors that Borash is part of a group Triple H is putting together to help run the talent relations of NXT, 205 Live and other Triple H-run initiatives, Jarrett's name came up as a potentially valuable commodity. Borash is known as being a man of loyalty and Jarrett and Borash are still close. Jarrett also has friends in former WWE talents Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, who have friendships with Triple H.


The reality is, despite the enemies Jarrett has perhaps made along the way, he's also made loyal friends. AJ Styles, Eric Young, and Bobby Roode are WWE Superstars Jarrett helped as they made their way through TNA and eventually to WWE. They are just a few people who feel like Jarrett is a man who can help WWE in a variety of capacities.

The reality is, Jarrett's name being included in the Hall of Fame may be more about WWE thinking he can provide information, connections and partnerships to independent stars and promotions WWE is now trying to get closer with. Triple H has pushed independent wrestling as an acquisition tool for WWE and the more connections the better.

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