Triple H Joked With Jerry Lawler About Falling Asleep At Raw 25

There was a lot that came out of the Raw 25 show. From returns to storylines to a couple of announcers who were rumoured to have fallen asleep at the announce table when the action was slow, there was plenty to talk about.

One of the more interesting developments was the rumour that both Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were caught sleeping during the broadcast, That speculation made its way around the Internet like a viral photo of 15 cats in a basket. Only this photo wasn't cute and it made the WWE look bad on multiple levels, loudly representing the sentiment from most WWE fans that the action during Raw 25 was not terribly exciting. Fortunately for Lawler and Ross, higher ups like Triple H knew the rumour to be false. In fact, the rumour has becoming a running joke backstage and Triple H gave the King the friendly gears prior to the Royal Rumble.


As Lawler was set to go out and be one of the commentators for the 30-man rumble match, Triple H said, "Hey King. Try not to fall asleep out there." The two had a good chuckle knowing how ridiculous the rumour was and that no broadcasters would ever do that during a show like Raw and still expect to keep their jobs.

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As part of The King's wonderful day, Lawler also mentioned that his job at the Royal Rumble was unlike any of his other announcing gigs. He was completely left in the dark about what was going to happen that night and he wasn't sure he liked feeling so unprepared. Even Vince McMahon merely shook his hand and sat back down, not saying a word. It was only until he asked producer Billy Kidman what was happening with his intro that he realized he was walking down to his music.

Needless to say, the week of the Royal Rumble was an interesting one from many perspectives. But, those looking to make a story out of something that never happened (Lawler falling asleep) will have to bark up another tree. Management isn't buying it ever happened.

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