Triple H Likes Tweet From Fan Who Thinks He Should Take Over WWE

Many WWE fans and pundits believe it's time for Triple H to take full control of WWE over Vince McMahon, since the latter has continued to make plenty of questionable booking decisions.

Triple H himself continues to tease at agreeing with those fans who are calling for him to replace Vince as the main boss. On Saturday, a disgruntled fan tweeted at The Game and said things will get better if he takes over "main roster control."

The fan (h/t Ringside News), also couldn't help but notice that Triple H happened to read and "like" the tweet. Triple H actually unliked the tweet afterwards, but the fan took a screenshot earlier to prove it:

A similar case happened last week, where another frustrated fan tweeted at Triple H to complain about the WWE's storylines. The Game "liked" the tweet, only to unlike it some time later.

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It's interesting that Triple H would like these tweets in the first place, but it's a mystery as to why he would do it if he's only going to unlike them moments later. At any rate, he wants the WWE Universe to know that he sees their frustration on social media. And on top of that, Triple H is hinting at agreeing with the fans who don't like the current storylines - and that he should be the one running WWE over his father-in-law.

WWE ratings have declined significantly in recent weeks, while superstars like The Revival and Luke Harper have requested to be released. WWE has also fired and/or mutually parted ways with some of its top writers since April, too. Things are obviously messy behind the scenes, so it's understandable that many think it's time for Triple H to assume full control of WWE at this point.

What This Means

It's anybody's guess why Triple H would like and then unlike tweets moments later. This isn't the first time he has done this, and it may not be the last. But at the end of the day, we can only hope that Triple H will listen to these types of fans that are calling for changes to the current product.

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