Triple H Likes Tweet From Disgruntled Fan About Direction Of WWE

Television ratings in WWE have dropped significantly in recent weeks, and even Triple H isn't backing away from the harsh reality that the current product isn't good enough for fans right now.

A fan named Richard Gutierrez tweeted at Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and the WWE's official account and voiced his displeasure.

But this one tweet alone isn't the main story. Rather, others noticed that Triple H actually "liked" Gutierrez's tweet, only to unlike it at some point later on (hat tip to Ringside News for catching that).

In his tweet, Gutierrez is referring to Vince McMahon's claim that WWE's quarter losses were due in large part to the absences of top superstars. But Gutierrez certainly makes a valid point about how the decline in ratings can be attributed to some bad storyline booking here.

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At the end of 2018, the McMahon family appeared on an episode of Monday Night Raw and informed the WWE Universe that they would  make some big changes to give the fans what they wanted. But ever since that big announcement, WWE hasn't done a whole lot to show they're listening to the fan demands - with the exception of pushing Becky Lynch as her popularity continues to grow across the wrestling world.

It's just not realistic to believe that the drop in ratings is due to injuries alone. Obviously, fans are dissatisfied and bored with the current WWE product. And with the new AEW promotion set to launch its first event on May 25, WWE must be feeling the heat to start pleasing its fans before things get even worse. We'll have to see how the McMahons and creative team address in the immediate future.

What This Means

Triple H may have accidentally "liked" the tweet, which could explain his move to unlike in moments later. It's also possible that he agreed with the fan before realizing it wasn't a smart choice to like it. At either rate, Triple H clearly saw the Gutierrez's tweet, and fans can only hope that WWE will listen to disgruntled fans like him. Otherwise, the product on television will continue to be stale and hard to watch.

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