Triple H Unsure Of Neville's WWE Status

After being asked if WWE intends to include Neville in their future plans, Triple H offered no concrete answer to the question, responding only that he would have to "look into it."

Triple H took part in a media call on Wednesday to promote NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV and during the call, he was asked how things were going with the NXT UK brand and if Neville is being considered for a role on the brand? Basically, Triple H was asked if he could explain Neville's status with the company.

"To be honest, I'm not 100% positive," Triple H replied. "I would need to go back and look into that."

After calling Neville one of the most talented performers in the world and admitting he would be a great fit, Triple H didn't seem to have much in the way of information about where Neville and the WWE are at since Neville left the company in October of 2017. It's almost as if WWE — or at least Triple H — has put Neville so far out of mind, that no one seems to know where things are at.


If so, for Neville, this is not great news. While Triple H seems to see the value in what Neville can bring inside the ring, if The Game speaks for WWE, it appears the company has just decided to let Neville fester while he sits out. Furthermore, while it sounds like he hasn't been looked at for NXT UK, he might not be on the radar for much at all. WWE doesn't appear to be trying to find projects Neville could return for.

Ideally, for Neville, he would be granted his release from the company and allowed to move on in his wrestling career. WWE meanwhile won't be quick to grant that release since they own his rights and would rather just forget about him than let him do damage with another promotion.


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