Triple H vs Randy Orton Was More Than Twice As Long As Any Other Singles Match At Super Showdown

Triple H versus Randy Orton went more than 25 minutes at Super Showdown. The next longest singles match didn't even break the 12-minute barrier.

WWE returned to Saudi Arabia for a third time this past Friday. The show, Super Showdown, has been getting mixed reviews. That's a marked improvement compared to last year's Crown Jewel. Sadly the match did end on something of a bum note. A match between The Undertaker and Goldberg which was riddled with botches.

The highlights of the show included a good match between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler, an entertaining battle royal, and Brock Lesnar not leaving Saudi Arabia as champion. The length of the show was also a plus. We were fully expecting a five-hour show, six hours if you include the kickoff show. However, the runtime didn't even break four hours and was done and dusted before 6 pm EST.

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One of the main reasons for that is most of the matches being kept relatively short. Four matches lasted less than 10 minutes, the three title matches were all between 10 and 12, and the battle royal finished just shy of 18 minutes. However, one bout went much longer than the others. Triple H versus Randy Orton. According to Cageside Seats, The Game and The Viper battled it out for a total of 25 minutes and 39 seconds.

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The benefits of being the boss, we guess. It is getting a little old, though. This match's run time was more than twice as long as any of the other singles matches on the card. In fact, it was longer than three matches combined, including Taker versus Goldberg. On second thought, despite it lasting less than nine minutes, The Deadman and the former WCW Champ were definitely given way too much time.

It really is hard to gauge Triple H a lot of the time. Many fans are clamoring for The Game to take over from Vince McMahon. However, with booking like this, can he really be trusted in that role? On the other hand, perhaps it's the chairman forcing him into these spots, and once Triple H is in charge we will barely seem him wrestle at all. One day we will find out the answer, but that day probably won't be any time soon.


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