Rumor: Triple H Will Remain In Charge Of NXT On USA, For Now...

Despite NXT going live for two hours a week on USA Network, Triple H will remain in charge of the brand for the time being.

One of the biggest wrestling stories of the week is the confirmation that NXT will be moving to USA Network starting from September 18, 2019. Not only that, but the show will be extended from one hour per week to two, and will also air live instead of being taped in advance. That means we will officially be getting a Wednesday Night War once AEW's weekly TV show begins on October 2.

As for what else will change behind the scenes at NXT, that is currently up to our imaginations. There are certainly plenty of rumors going around. Since NXT will effectively be WWE's third brand and seemingly on a level playing field with Raw and SmackDown, there's a fear among fans that Vince McMahon will become more involved.

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According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that is something we don't need to worry about, at least not to begin with. Dave Meltzer has reported that the chain of command currently in place in NXT will remain unchanged after the move. It's also likely that it will stay that way for the rest of the year and into 2020 as a chunk of Mr. McMahon's focus shifts to the XFL.

As for the NXT Superstars, WON is also reporting that they will be receiving a pay bump. Developmental contracts will apparently become a thing of the past, and all NXT Superstars will receive main roster deals with the pay to match. Since the show is doubling in length and going live every week, we certainly think that would make sense.

Right now, as NXT fans, we're choosing to see this situation as being a glass half full type deal. If NXT will now be viewed as equal to Raw and SmackDown, call-ups may well become a thing of the past. That means no more ruining of our favorite NXT stars buy Mr. McMahon's strange and often annoying booking tendencies. Bring on the continued rise of NXT, and long may Triple H remain in charge.

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