Rumor: Triple H To Return To TV Soon


As we all know, Triple H always likes to come back around WrestleMania time, and after two average performances at ‘Mania 31 and 32, he came back strong last year with a great match against The King Slayer, Seth Rollins. If reports from The Wrestling Observer are to be believed, The Game will be back soon to set up his next big angle. Dave Meltzer has also reported that most big angles for The Showcase of the Immortals will begin after Elimination Chamber, so it’s likely that he’ll wait until then, as well as the set-up to the rumored John Cena vs. The Undertaker bout.

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But back to Triple H, we haven’t seen him on RAW in quite some time, and there are many possible feuds waiting for him at WrestleMania. With his wife butting heads with Kurt Angle so often, that’s definitely a possibility for an iconic rivalry to be reunited. But it seems that the most talked about match is to team up with his wife to take on Ronda Rousey and a big time partner. The Rock, Braun Strowman and Angle have all been thrown out as possibilities, but with Rock off filming movies, and Angle likely to be involved in the Jason Jordan/Seth Rollins rivalry, Strowman is the best fit. It could also play into a future Ronda Rousey rivalry as Braun is currently teaming with Alexa Bliss. Those two are having a great time, so maybe this could lead into Bliss/Rousey sometime in the future and once Ronda has had her first bout at WrestleMania. Either way, it’s going to be interesting to see why/how they go about Triple H’s big rivalry at ‘Mania.


So there you have it guys, reports are that Triple H will be back on TV soon. So what do you think? Which rivalry would you like to see at WrestleMania? Do you want to see Triple H back at all? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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