Triple H Shares Vince McMahon's 'Offseason' Joke

Vince McMahon often gets criticized by the fans for being “out of touch,” but one thing no one can deny is that he is the hardest working man in professional wrestling. He works hard at every WWE show produced, and with no offseason, it seems like he hasn’t stopped in 30+ years. From the travel to the constant production meetings to writing the script for each show to doing media, McMahon (along with Triple H and Stephanie) are all over the place, and at 72 years old, you can’t help but admire him.

No matter what you think of him though, it’s clear that the WWE need some kind of offseason or down time to break up the somewhat repetitive TV we’ve been getting over the past few years. Even if that doesn’t happen, Triple H has shared with us a pretty great story/joke about McMahon and the offseason idea. During an interview with Rolling Stone about Raw's 25th Anniversary, Triple H was talking about everything from the event itself, to Raw's past and Raw's future, but at the end he dropped in a fascinating anecdote about Vince.

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Following WrestleMania 33, Vince removed his headset and took a deep breath, saying “Man, that was good”, and not 10 seconds later, writers came over and handed him the script for the next night's Raw. Vince exclaimed “That’s it? That’s my offseason? Here we go,” and it’s just proof of how hard he works. Whether you hate him and the product or not, this is just an example of the tireless work that the people in charge at WWE put in, and more often than not they are taken for granted.


So what do you guys think? Do you have any solution to the WWE’s oversaturation problem? Do you see it as a problem? How do you feel about McMahon and how hard he works? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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