Triple H Shouldn't Be A Top WWE Executive, Says Vince Russo

Former wrestler Vince Russo has lashed out at Triple H, claiming he shouldn't be a WWE executive because of his huge ego.

Russo, who was a recent guest on the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast, says he wants nothing to do with the WWE, having walked away many years ago. But he's obviously paying attention and he doesn't like what he's been seeing.

Asked specifically about Triple H's latest feud with the returning Batista, Russo pointed out that there's really no story in the works and the promo is just poor.

“Guys. You’re not telling me the story here!” You don’t understand why Batista is so upset with Triple," he explains. "And I know a lot of that is because Batista was trying to get work again at WWE, and Triple H wasn’t returning his calls and blowing him off like he was a piece of ****.

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"Then, all of a sudden, Batista makes this movie that makes millions of dollars. Well, tell us that! Don’t make us guess! We don’t know what’s going on behind-the-scenes. So, that’s the problem. We don’t know. They don’t tell us. They kayfabe us."

Pressed for his thoughts on Triple H's executive position, the 58-year-old had this to say: "Triple H now is doing exactly what they did to him [after the curtain call], and he’s doing it because of ego, bro.

“Listen, when you’re a wrestler, you have an ego. And because you have an ego, it’s very hard to put you in management positions because you’re going to have built-in feelings for other wrestlers you know and other wrestlers you work with. You’re going to have your favorites and guys that you don’t like. You’re not going to be able to be subjective, and that’s going to affect everything. That’s why you can’t put wrestlers in roles like that."

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What This Means

Russo is always going to come off as bitter given the way things ended with WWE but you can't say that he's wrong, especially where the Batista story is concerned.

There's really no explanation as to why Batista wants to bite Hunter's head off and fans have been left to formulate their own theories. As he also pointed out on the podcast, there's no background for Vince McMahon's issues with Kofi Kingston either, all we know is that Vince did not want Kofi to reach WrestleMania and we have no idea why.

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