Triple H Has Something Special Planned For When UpUpDownDown Hits 2 Million Subscribers

Someone special has stepped in to help UpUpDownDown get over that elusive two million subscribers line.

Pro wrestling and video games have gone hand in hand for decades. From the arcades of the 80s to the mobile games for today. You need look no further back than two weeks ago for evidence of wrestling's continued link with the video game industry. AEW's Fyter Fest aired live from a gaming convention, and it drew a pretty massive in-house crowd.

Aside from the 2K franchise, WWE's biggest link to the video game world is via UpUpDownDown. A YouTube channel run by Xavier Woods, although he is known as Austin Creed in the gaming world. For the most part, UUDD features wrestlers competing against one another on various video games. From WWE game to Madden to Dream Daddy. If you haven't heard of that last one, definitely Google it once you're done reading this.

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UUDD has grown so big that it's almost unfair to refer to it as a side project at this point. At the time of typing this, the channel has more than 1.9 million subscribers. That's where Triple H comes in. WWE posted a video on Twitter this week featuring Woods and The Game. The pair promised a "special video" once the channel hits that benchmark.

What that video will be is anyone's guess, but Woods seems to be incredibly excited about it. We're assuming it will feature Triple H playing some sort of video game, but for the life of us, we can't imagine what that game will be. The 14-time World Champion does have three daughters at home, the oldest of whom is 13. Perhaps The Game is relatively in the know when it comes to today's video games thanks to his daughters.

Hopefully, we won't have long to wait to see what UUDD has planned once it hits its next big milestone. Woods is currently busy spreading the good word about his channel at VidCon which should rustle up a fair few subscribers. Plus, never forget that during the one million subscriber hubbub, Woods claimed Vince McMahon would appear on the show should it ever hit five million subscribers. We're holding you to that, Creed.

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