Trish Stratus Says SummerSlam Match vs. Charlotte Could Be Her Career's "Real Ending"

Trish Stratus says she truly believes that her SummerSlam showdown with Trish Stratus will be her last.

The WWE Hall of Famer stepped out of retirement to take part in three matches last year and she's now due an appearance on one of wrestling's grandest stages, no less in her hometown of Toronto. And, while she knows that it's hardly ever really over with WWE, she feels like her match against Charlotte Flair will give her career that "real ending."

Trish spoke to Sirius XM's Busted Open and Entertainment Tonight Canada ahead of her SummerSlam performance and said pretty much the same thing to both outlets: it will be her last match (or so she thinks).

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“I always sort of said, you know, retired - that’s a loose term in wrestling - but I always said if there was something that was (a) challenging, (b) gonna do something for someone else, I would consider it," she told Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray.

"And of course, I love wrestling, it’s something that’s always gonna be part of me and part of my life. I watch it, I follow it, even if I don’t do it everyday. So when opportunites like this came up, it was like ‘gosh, this has to happen,’ like Charlotte and I in the ring, you couldn’t together a better... I sort of feel like this is a good final match for me, because I don’t really think that you could do anything more than this... it feels like a good ending to me - a real ending.”

Trish would also repeat herself in a tweet after leaving her interview with ET.

The seven-time Women's Champion knows better than to completely rule yet another return as she's well aware that WWE could dangle an offer she just can't refuse in future. But for now, she isn't looking past that fight with Flair.

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