Tyler Breeze Gives Honest Answer About WWE Status

While wrestlers like Jon Moxley make headlines for leaving WWE due to creative differences, one seemingly unhappy Superstar understands this is what he signed up for.

Moxley has been arguably the most popular figure in wrestling over the past week. His popularity stems from the fact he left WWE, went to AEW and is now revealing all in detailed interviews with media about his frustrations with his former employer.

And, while other Superstars like Sasha Banks have allegedly taken their ball and gone home, a Superstar who has reason to be upset, doesn't seem to be.

Tyler Breeze — often known as Prince Pretty — has been among the most underutilized talents in WWE over the past few years, maybe ever. Considering what fans just witnessed him pull of with Velveteen Dream at NXT Takeover: XXV, he clearly still has the goods in the ring. Still, WWE doesn't seem to have a spot for him on the main roster and he asked to go back down to the brand run by Triple H.

It was in NXT where Breeze really made a name for himself. That said, to many, his return there is seen as a step backward. One fan asked Breeze during a Q&A on social media if that bothered him. Breeze responded:

Honestly. It isn’t my company. And I signed on to work for this company. So at takeover and for years I showed exactly what and who I am. It’s their choice professionally however they want to use me. It’s up to me whether or not I wanna sign that paper saying I’m ok with that

What This Means

Tyler Breeze seems to understand something Moxley and Banks do not. Unless you work creative control into your contract, you don't have any. When you agree to work for an entertainment machine like WWE, you agree to waive your rights to what you believe is best for your character and agree to do what your employer asks of you.

Whether WWE uses Breeze on the main roster, has him lose every match, keeps him off tv or sends him back to NXT, he's being paid to do a job, one WWE sees as the right fit.

If a WWE Superstar chooses to sign a deal with WWE, moreover, an extension with WWE, do they have the right to complain that WWE doesn't seem them the same way they see themselves? Breeze doesn't seem to be bothered, even if he'd rather be getting the spots he feels he deserves.

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