Undertaker and Kurt Angle Pulled From Starrcast II

Starrcast organizers revealed today that they've run into a slight snag as two of their biggest booked talents for Starrcast II have pulled out.

On Tuesday, through an interview with Sports Illustrated, Starrcast II organizer Conrad Thompson relayed his frustrations as The Undertaker and Kurt Angle have bailed on their scheduled appearances at the event. During the interview, Thompson explained:

“I was told it [booking Undertaker] had gotten WWE’s attention and that Vince McMahon texted The Undertaker about the appearance. ’Taker’s representation, which is a company called Get Engaged, called to tell me, ‘WWE says he can’t do it.’

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Thompson's connections reached out to Vince McMahon and WWE and were told Vince wasn’t upset with Thompson and “I was assured that damages would be covered, a suitable replacement offered, or some sort of compromise to make everyone happy,” Thompson said. Thompson then offered up the idea that Vince, Stephanie or Triple H substitute.

Thompson also suggested Shawn Michaels but Michaels had no interest in ruffling feathers considering how closely the Starrcast event is connected to WWE's new competitive wrestling promotion, AEW.

While WWE has not offered a substitution, Thompson did admit he was given a full refund from Undertaker’s booking company, Get Engaged.

What This Means

There will certainly be fans who get upset at WWE for pulling their stars. Many will claims WWE is being petty and is afraid of having his talent appear for a company that is connected to potential competition. That said, with WWE offer new contracts to both Angle and The Undertaker, it comes with an expectation WWE wouldn't want his performers at non-WWE events.

Thompson will now have to find replacements to cover for fans who were hoping to see Taker and the former Olympic champion. He said, “I had an agreement in place with the talent. Now, thanks to the influence of WWE, the performers are missing out on substantial income and the fans are being punished.”

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