The Undertaker Will Take On Elias When WWE Returns To Saudi Arabia [Rumor]

The Undertaker's attack on Elias during this week's Raw was apparently the beginning of the build to a match between the two.

WrestleMania 35 is officially in the books and it was a history-making event for a lot of reasons. Not only for things that did happen, but also for things that didn't. For the first time since the year 2000, WrestleMania did not feature The Undertaker. The strangest thing about that is it seems as if The Deadman was backstage for the show.

We know that because not only did a lot of photos of The Phenom pop up online over the weekend, but he then appeared on Raw Monday night. Elias threatened that the next person who crossed him would be a "dead man." With that, the lights in the Barclays Center went out and The Undertaker's ominous entrance music began to play.


Elias toyed with the idea of tucking his tail between his legs and heading for the hills. Considering what happened next, that probably would have been a good idea. The Drifter squared up to The Phenom and got a chokeslam for his troubles. Undertaker then picked Elias back up and gave him a Tombstone Piledriver for good measure. We were left with one question at the end of all of this, though. Why?

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According to PWInsider, the beatdown was the beginning of a rivalry between Elias and The Undertaker. A rivalry that will culminate in a match at WWE's next Saudi Arabia show. In 2018, WWE held its first big Saudi Arabia show, Greatest Royal Rumble, shortly after WrestleMania 34. While an exact date doesn't appear to have been confirmed just yet, it seems as if WWE will return to the Middle East in May.

As much as we love The Undertaker, we are pretty saddened by all of the above. That WrestleMania is no longer a big enough show to warrant a match for The Deadman, but an overseas show in Saudi Arabia is. We get that those shows come with a pretty big payoff, but really that just leaves an even worse taste in our mouths. The Undertaker is synonymous with WrestleMania and if he is going to continue to wrestle, he should be on the actual biggest show of the year.


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