Undertaker and WWE's Working Relationship In Jeopardy [Rumor]

The Undertaker has fueled rumors of distance between himself and WWE by removing WWE references on his social media and taking non-WWE bookings.

Once considered a WWE-only guy, there are whispers the relationship between The Undertaker and WWE is changing. Just recently, Mark Calloway (The Undertaker) removed references to the WWE and is now taking independent bookings that are unrelated to the company he's worked with for more than two decades.

It was reported a while back that The Deadman would be doing shows outside the WWE family but it was always expected he's stick with WWE. Now, with him rumored not to be a part of WrestleMania for the first time in years and his using social media far more than he ever has, speculation is that these appearances are not going to be a one-off, but a glimpse into the future of what his life will be like moving forward as a former WWE star.

Is this a sign that things have gone in a different direction for WWE and arguably the biggest star to grace the company in the last 20 years? While it could be that WWE and Undertaker have an agreement or "understanding", it is odd that he seems to have removed any reference to WWE on his profiles.

Dave Meltzer made reference to the situation on a recent Wrestling Observer Radio show:

“You know, usually he’d protect that gimmick and he wouldn’t do a lot of public appearances, but now he’s looking for public appearances. So I don’t know what the relationship is with WWE.”

What This Means

This may be just the beginning of rumors surrounding The Undertaker and what his future with WWE will hold. Is he really done? Did WWE say they had nothing for him and their working relationship is over?

For all we know, if Undertaker is a free agent, he could get a phone call from a newly fledged rival wrestling promotion looking to spend big money on former WWE stars.

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