Rumor: The Undertaker & Kane To Reform Brothers Of Destruction In Saudi Arabia

The Undertaker returned on Raw last week and there are rumors that The Deadman could reunite with his brother Kane in the near future.

Even though deep down most of us fans over the age of 25 love it when our wrestling heroes from the past return, the matches don't always deliver. That's why many people watching Raw last week likely rolled their eyes when The Undertaker interrupted Shawn Michaels and made his way to the ring for a confrontation.

What we were quickly reminded of is that while The Deadman might not be as good in the ring as he once was, that doesn't extend to his skills on the mic. The two WWE legends went back and forth in an epic promo battle that likely had most of us wanting to see them thrown down there and then. As it stands, however, HBK remains retired.


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The Undertaker, on the other hand, is not. While a rematch with Michaels might not be on the cards right now, next month at WWE Super Show-Down he will be going head-to-head with Triple H. Not just that, but there is now a rumor that has come about courtesy of Cageside Seats' Rumor Roundup that The Deadman will wrestle again in Saudi Arabia this November.

While a second Saudi Arabia show hasn't been officially announced yet by WWE, it's likely going to take place sometime in November. If it does, The Brothers Of Destruction are rumored to be reuniting for it. Considering Kane is a mayor now, it'll be impressive if he does manage to find the time to compete on a show that big and that far away. Plus we wonder what the non-wrestling locals in Knox County will think of it.

If Kane and Taker do reunite, speculation can begin on who their opponents might be. As it stands, the most likely scenario would be a match versus D-Generation X. Not only is The Deadman going to have battled with The Game one last time between now and then, but he also started up a fresh beef with HBK last week. Whether that would be the most entertaining match in the world is up for debate, but it would certainly be popular with the in-house crowd with Saudi Arabia.


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