Undertaker Is Under A Lifetime Contract With WWE [Rumor]

Despite rumors that he was retiring, The Undertaker recently signed a new contract with the WWE - but this isn't any short-term for the future Hall of Famer.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Ringside News), Undertaker's current deal is "not exactly a lifetime contract," but it's  "so long that for all intents and purposes it is" practically a lifetime contract.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to wrestling fans or pundits. Undertaker has been with WWE for nearly 30 years, and there's certainly no way he would leave for another promotion. At the same time, chairman Vince McMahon would never let go of his favorite all-time wrestler.

It was reported by the Observer back in April that WWE handed Undertaker "an offer he couldn’t refuse financially." The new contract outlines that Undertaker can't make other appearances outside of WWE. And with that, this deal all but assures that The Deadman will finish his legendary career right where it took off three decades ago.

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This isn't the first time where Vince McMahon handed out such lengthy contract to a top-tier superstar. In the '90s, he handed Hall of Famer Bret Hart a 20-year contract, but financial problems forced Vince to backtrack. He encouraged Hart to join WCW not long after handing out the deal, and Hart reluctantly agreed.

Undertaker will go down as perhaps the greatest and most loyal superstar in the history of WWE. He and Vince have had a strong working relationship for 30 years, and there was never a reason for the partnership to end. Simply put, The Undertaker more than deserved this lifetime contract.

What This Means

It wouldn't be surprising if Vince handed out more of these contracts down the road with some of his other top veteran superstars. He's simply rewarding guys like Undertaker who have given back to the business for all these years - while ensuring that he doesn't lose the wrestling icon to another promotion down the road. This deal is simply a win-win for everybody.

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