WWE Announces The Undertaker's Next Appearance

It's always a gift for the WWE Universe when The Undertaker appears, and fortunately, it won't be long until we get to see him again.

WWE.com announced that Undertaker will be present for the Sept. 10 episode of SmackDown Live at Madison Square Garden. The show takes place five days before the Clash of Champions pay-per-view at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, so it's possible that Undertaker could be added to the match card at MSG.

Undertaker's upcoming appearance will take place several weeks before the SmackDown 20th anniversary special. That date also marks the first Fox Sports SmackDown broadcast under their television deal with WWE. A large number of wrestling legends have been announced for the show, and this includes The Undertaker.

In his last match for WWE, Undertaker teamed up with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules -where they took down Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. The Phenom did a fine job redeeming himself following a lackluster and botch-filled match against Goldberg at the Super ShowDown event.

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After losing to Reigns at WrestleMania 33, Undertaker teased retirement and didn't wrestle again until WrestleMania 34 - where he easily defeated John Cena. The Deadman has wrestled more frequently - taking part in four matches dating back to last year's Super Show-Down event in Australia. Not only that, but Undertaker has been appearing more often on television.

It was recently reported that Undertaker is essentially under a lifetime contract with WWE. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported back in April that the company gave the future Hall of Famer "an offer he couldn't refuse financially." With that, it's safe to say that we'll be seeing The Undertaker far more often before he's ready to hang up the boots on his legendary career.

What This Means

With Undertaker appearing a few days before a pay-per-view event, speculation will ramp up that he's going to be added to the Clash of Champions card. We should find out in the coming weeks what the purpose is for Undertaker's return to MSG. But no matter what, his return promises to be a special treat for the WWE Universe.

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