Undertaker Returns On Raw, Wipes Out Elias

While Elias tried to prove that he was just as effective a rapper as John Cena, he accidentally called out the Undertaker who returned to Raw.

Fans didn't get the Undertaker at WrestleMania 35, but by waiting less than 24 hours, they got The Deadman on Raw the next night. It was common knowledge the Undertaker was in New York for WrestleMania 35 weekend but it was unclear if WWE was planning on using him at the show of all shows, if at all. The next night in Brooklyn, Taker made his return.

The return happened during a segment that included Elias who was hellbent on making up for an interruption by the Doctor of Thuganomics the night before. Without his guitar, Elias was determined to show the WWE Universe he could rap just as well as Cena could. He rapped a few bars to show Cena how easy it was and said, that the next person who interrupts him is a dead man. Those were the only words Undertaker needed to hear to make his way to the ring.

Accompanied by a full Undertaker-like entrance, The Dead Man got in the ring and backed a stunned Elias into the corner of the ring. A staredown resulted in Elias stepping through the ropes. He mistakenly decided to take his jacket off and get back into the ring. A face-t0-face became Elias turning to leave again. Instead, he charged The Undertaker only to eat a big boot and a chokeslam. The Undertaker hit a tombstone before his music started again and he made his exit.

What This Means

This might not be the Undertaker coming back on a regular basis but Taker looked to be in the best shape he's been in for quite some time. Perhaps he got into great shape so that WWE could use him more often.

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