The Undertaker Takes A Stand On Take A Knee

Fans are looking for any sign that The Undertaker might return to the squared-circle for a match and his wife, Michelle McCool, might have just given it to them. Posting a video of The Deadman working out, it appears as though Taker might be prepping himself for another appearance for the WWE.


Alongside the video is an interesting photo McCool posted of their daughter insisting she sit side-by-side with her Dad with their matching hoodies. On them is the phrase, "I Stand For Our National Anthem".

The topic of the National Anthem and athletes taking a knee has popped back up in the news with comments the XFL will not allow players to kneel. So too, when former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick did so to protest racial injustice and police brutality he opened a backlash from President Donald Trump who then opened a backlash from more athletes and the situation got out of control.

Kaepernick, who kneeled during the National Anthem while a quarterback for the 49ers last year is back in the news after refuting a report that he would stand during the anthem if allowed back in the NFL. There has been some controversy over whether or not Kaepernick's talent or position on the matter is the reason he's not been signed by an NFL franchise.

Wrestlers are not in quite the same situation as most athletes seeing in that the WWE doesn't ask its performers to take part in the anthem that plays before events. Because the wrestlers are backstage, there is no backlash from fans who might witness a talent kneel. That doesn't mean wrestlers haven't had their take on the subject.


Triple H once commented on the topic and said, "I speak for myself, personally only, and if it was me I would stand for my national anthem. For my country, I would stand. But I and WWE certainly respect the rights of everybody's first amendment right of freedom of speech, their right to peacefully protest and do what is meaningful to them. Certainly, we support that."

The Undertaker seems to be on the same page as Triple H. Clearly, he and his family believe that for your country you stand during the National Anthem.

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