Xavier Woods Has Challenged The Undertaker, But Not To A Match

Xavier Woods has issued a challenge to The Undertaker, but even if he accepts, the pair of them won't be wrestling each other.

It is becoming more and more ironic that The Undertaker's wrestling persona is that of an undead man who can seemingly never die. Despite making his WWE debut all the way back in 1990, he continues to wrestle to this day. Yes, it is on an extremely part-time schedule, but it's still pretty impressive. We are quickly closing in on The Deadman's 30th anniversary in WWE.

Despite not competing at WrestleMania this year, the first time he hasn't been on the card for almost 20 years, Undertaker will return to the ring this Friday. The Phenom will go one on one with Goldberg, the first time the two have ever met in singles competition. Even though the combined age of the two Superstars is 106, we're sure the match will still be a spectacle.


Aside from his match with Goldberg, WWE isn't advertising anything for The Undertaker's future. However, Xavier Woods is hoping to get The Deadman's attention. The New Day actually issued a challenge of sorts to Taker on social media. Not for a wrestling match, but for a game of UNO. The challenge was prompted after a fan posted a photo of The Undertaker brandishing a hand of UNO cards.

Woods quoted the original photo and wrote a glowing tweet about how much he and the rest of the WWE locker room looks up to Undertaker. However, he ended it with "but please understand one thing..... He cannot touch me in UNO." Woods has been discussing UNO a lot on Twitter recently. The iconic card game has made waves in the gaming community by claiming most of us have been playing the game wrong for years.

Fans of Woods will know that he has a very successful gaming YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown. A litany of WWE Superstars have appeared on the channel to compete against Woods and each other on various platforms. We're not sure what Woods needs to do to get Undertaker on the show for a game of UNO, but we sincerely hope he manages to pull it off.


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