Undisputed Era Teases Breakup Following NXT Takeover: New York

After NXT Takeover: New York came to a close and one of the greatest main event matches saw Adam Cole come up short, NXT is teasing a solo run without his faction Undisputed Era.

For those who watched the five-star pay-per-view that was NXT TakeOver: New York, you saw witnessed one of the best main event matches that may ever come out of NXT and will easily be a Match-of-the-Year candidate in all of WWE for 2019.  Unfortunately, Cole wasn't able to capture the NXT Championship, even with help from his running mates from Undisputed Era.

After the match, Cole and the other members of the Undisputed Era were caught walking into the backstage area and things weren't exactly smooth between Cole and the rest of the group. WWE cameras caught the group asking why Cole couldn't get it done and Cole wanted to know "just exactly what they were doing" giving the impression he thought he had Johnny Gargano beat on his own.

Cole was clearly upset, realized the cameras were on and reprimanded the cameraman, yelling at him to turn it off.

with his running buddies for interfering in the match but is this the start of him going his separate way? The crowd was clearly behind him in the match. Cole seemed to specifically take aim at Roderick Strong before turning to the camera and telling the operator to shut it off.

What This Means

This is WWE and NXT hinting at the idea of Adam Cole becoming a singles star and breaking away from the group. If so, it is wise that NXT slow plays this breakup. If the group shows up on Monday or Tuesday at Raw or SmackDown Live, it will be a good indication the company is going to have this breakup happen right away, potential adding jealousy from the rest of the group that Cole is on the main roster while they are not.


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