Update On Status Of WWE and CFO’s Theme Music Working Relationship

A recent report disputes suggestions the working relationship between music producers CFO’s and WWE is over might be incorrect and that music will continue to come from the creative duo.

Recently, it was reported by @Wrestlevotes that the relationship between WWE and the music producers behind such themes as Shinsuke Nakamura’s “Rising Sun” and Bobby Roode’s “Glorious” has ended a few months ago. The report suggests the CFO$ were no longer working with WWE or WWE Music in any way. However, a more recent tweet from Arcade Songs, suggests the relationship is ongoing.

Arcade Songs is the publishing and production company led by Grammy-nominated songwriter & producer Greg Wattenberg. It is the same company the CFO$ works for. They responded to the tweet saying, "Something tells me we're going to be hearing a lot more @CFOSofficial"

The conflicting reports suggest, at the very least, there might have been an issue between the twos sides that needed to be worked out. The good news is, whatever issue it seemed to have been resolved.

What This Means

The duo behind some of the best music in WWE had done some great work for WWE. Producing music for many of the shows on WWE Network and some iconic entrance themes, it would be a shame if the group and WWE went separate ways.

These are the types of partnerships fans don’t often hear much about but are critical to the overall presentation of WWE’s product. A good theme can get a Superstar over before a performer even debuts inside the ring.

This particular songwriting and production duo made up of Michael Conrad Lauri and John Paul Alicastro from Long Island were a great find. They first started working with WWE for the RAW 1000 special in July 2012 as their song "The Night" was chosen as the theme song.

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