Tamina Undergoes Surgery Quietly

Tamina Snuka recently underwent what seems to have been successful rotator cuff surgery and is already eager to get back in the ring.

In the past, competing with and working through an injury has just been something that wrestlers were expected to do. Nowadays, however, WWE Superstars aren't often afforded that opportunity. If a wrestler is injured, then chances are having more matches will only exacerbate that injury so naturally, WWE wants to keep them off the road.

Even in 2018 though, there are some situations where a Superstar will downright refuse to sit on the sidelines when they're suffering from an injury. That was the case with Tamina at this year's Royal Rumble. The 30 woman match was a landmark in women's wrestling and there was no way Tamina was going to miss it. Despite having a torn rotator cuff, she came to the ring and took part in the history-making match.


Fair play to Tamina too as if you didn't know she was injured, you wouldn't have been able to tell. Now the Royal Rumble is out of the way however the second generation Superstar has undergone surgery on her injury and is already itching to get back in the ring. On Saturday she tweeted thanks to the medical team that performed her surgery and also to WWE, adding that she's anxious to get back and that it may be sooner than we think.

One of the moments we were waiting for in the women's Royal Rumble that we didn't end up getting was another showdown between Tamina and Nia Jax. The pair are the two female powerhouses of WWE, but rarely meet since they're on different shows. We had a taster of what a rivalry between the two of them would be like at Survivor Series last year, but since then the two ladies, who are related in some way via the confusing Samoan family tree, have not clashed.


Tamina has been unlucky with injuries recently, and that's likely why she hasn't really been given many opportunities. The last angle she was involved in included Lana, but what was happening exactly was never really explained. Perhaps if she and Jax are on the same roster when she returns, then we will see a meaningful angle with some unique women's wrestling between the two of them.

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