Usain Bolt Makes A Statement For Pro-Soccer Career In Recent Game

Usain Bolt seems to be on a good track regarding his soccer career. It was his second trial match for the A-league. He plays for the Central Coast Mariners and if he's good enough, he will become a professional player.

Bolt managed to actually get into the game vs Macarthur South West United. He got to play, and he even scored two goals.

While talking to Fox News after he got taken out at 75 minutes, he mentioned that he did some mistakes but was happy that he got to play.

Usain Bolt did have a bit of difficulty getting the feel of the entire game in the first half but got a little better in the second part of the game. Given, he was likely nervous that he has to perform fairly well to make his dream a reality.


According to the Guardian Sport, his fitness level is alright but can do a little more. Bolt was capable of holding his own for the majority of the game, however, he could improve and that would definitely aid him in his search for an A-league contract.

The main issue here is the long wait until January when we find out if he's actually going to be under contract or not. This is all more of a trial and a learning period for him, so, he's not in the most secure spot now. Despite that, there is indeed some level of improvement which is great as it shows him providing support for the team more often.  This alone is great because a team that communicates well can see enormous success, even if they have new players on their side.

We must also look into the reality of having someone like him on the team. If he continues to improve, he'll most certainly find himself with his beloved contract. There's no questioning his athletic pedigree, and if he continues to improve, he could be a serviceable player.

So far, his new career move seems to be paying off, but it's not easy to be a professional athlete, especially in multiple sports.


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