Usain Bolt Shows Improvement In New Soccer Career

Usain Bolt, the famous runner has got a little more time to prove his skills in the arena during the soccer game.

The coach of the Central Coast Mariners, Mike Mulvey mentioned that he's going to wait until January to make a complete decision on the level of progress that Bolt has made so far.

The goal of the legendary Olympic runner is to gain an A-League contract out of all this work. What this means is that he's quite good at playing soccer and the coach believes he's good enough to go up against some tough teams, for the time being.

The first time he played for the Mariners was on Aug. 31, 2018. He played a mere twenty minutes against a Central Coast selection side. However, he did play the entire second half against the North Shore Mariners on Sept. 19, 2018, but found himself alternating between both left wing and striker positions.



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According to CBC, Usain is on track to be playing in a pre-season match for the Mariners in the middle of October.

Mulvey mentioned that Usain Bolt is improving slowly. This means that he's learning and actively trying to get better in places where he needs more help. It's a great thing to be doing as, without it, he might find himself cut from the team.

The coach also went ahead and said that he'll likely reassess the skill situation with Bolt in December or January. Although, the initial dispatches say that a year is the best time for Bolt to really improve his skills and get a decision on whether or not he's good enough for a nice contract.

Usain Bolt really does have some skills in the area of soccer, one of those being able to run at high speeds. The other being he's likely got the right attitude. You see, someone will see terrible progress if they don't know how to operate in a team environment. In terms of Usain Bolt, he's got a little bit to learn in that sector, especially if he's playing positions like Striker, which require trust in your teammates and confidence.

We're really just going to have to wait and see for the coach's position on the matter of Bolt's improvement in the field of soccer come winter.


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