Wrestling Legend Vader Hospitalized Again

The past 11 years have not been good to Vader when it comes to his health, and according to the star, it got worse as he was hospitalized again.

The 62-year-old Vader went on Twitter to let his fans know that he is back in the hospital. In his tweet, he says that he is in pain due to pneumonia. He goes on to say that he cannot breathe, but he is not giving up hope and is still fighting.

Vader's health problems began a little over 10 years ago. It is well noted that he has issues with his knees, which began years before he even became a wrestler. Vader had double knee replacement surgery sometime around 2007, and he ended up getting an infection in his surgical wounds. Vader was bedridden for six months because of the infections. He then attended an autograph signing shortly after that, only to pass out on a plane and was in a coma for 33 days.


Fast forward to the year 2016. In November of 2016, Vader said that he had congestive heart failure. His years of wrestling and playing football were the cause of his congestive heart failure. He then hit wrestling fans with a dose of reality—his doctor had told him that he had only two more years to live. His heart condition improved somewhat in 2017, but he was not out of the water when it came to his health.

Despite these issues, Vader has continued to wrestle sporadically and looks pretty good in the process.

There are few names in wrestling that compare to Vader. As a star everywhere he went, the big man wowed audiences with incredible athletics for a man of his size, while also providing some hard-hitting entertainment.

Underneath the character, however, is a person, and with the passing of Bruno Sammartino this week, news of Vader being in the hospital once again comes as a scare to many wrestling fans. His tweet is riddled with positive messages of encouragement and get well wishes. Health issues come with age, but hopefully, Vader will be able to pull through in his time of need. He had successful open heart surgery last month, and we hope pulls through here.

We're rooting for you Vader.


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