Former WCW Star Vampiro Reveals He Has Alzheimer's Disease

Vampiro, of WCW and Lucha Underground fame, has revealed that he was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease at the age of just 51.

Nothing makes anyone involved in the wrestling business angrier than someone who doesn't understand it questioning its authenticity. Throwing around the dreaded F word, "fake." By people in the business, we mean everyone from the wrestlers themselves to the fans watching at home. We all know how real and dangerous wrestling can be.

You need look no further than the long list of wrestlers who have died way too young. Many of those competitors were driven to an early grave via a tough life both inside and outside of the ring. A combination of being thrown around 300 days a year and doing all that you can during your downtime to negate that effect is going to take its toll.


Although he is thankfully still with us, WCW alumnus Vampiro recently received some bad news which has more than likely been caused by a lifetime in the ring. The 51-year-old revealed to fans via social media that his doctors have told him he has Alzheimer's disease. "Got some results from the doctor yesterday. Not the best of news. But in my heart I know it’s a fight I am gonna win," he wrote on Facebook.

Nothin but love! thank you for all the support... it’s in the beginning stages , not worried about it. I will beat this ... it’s not that big a deal , I am doing what’s right and , well, I am looking forward to the fight!!!! I am totally in a good place , it’s gonna be ok!! Oh lol it’s 2019, no memory lol , it’s all good!

Posted by Vampiro on Thursday, April 11, 2019

Vampiro shared more details about his illness in a video that you can check out above. Be warned, it does contain language some people may find offensive. Vampiro attributes the diagnosis to the brain trauma caused by all the concussions he suffered over the course of his career. What's great is the positive mentality he seems to have about the whole situation. He vows not to let the disease beat him, and promises big things are coming in the future regarding his career.

Even though he's only 51, Vampiro has been wrestling since the mid-1980s. During that time he has competed for companies such as WCW, CMLL, All Japan, and even Lucha Underground up until very recently. Considering the amount of time he has been wrestling and the style in which he competes, it's unsurprising that the damage has built up over the years. We wish him well and believe that his positive attitude will do wonders for him going forward.


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