Velveteen Dream Calls Out Vince McMahon, Wants Fans To Get Him A Call-Up

Velveteen Dream is not happy that he wasn't called up on Raw this week and has been asking fans to push for Vince McMahon to listen to them.

Vince McMahon appeared on Raw this week to "shake things up." Even though the show has now been and gone, we're still not exactly sure what it is he and the rest of the McMahons have planned. The four of them gathered in the ring to start Raw, said a lot of cliches, and promised to listen to the fans more.

Despite the nothing statements from the McMahons to kick things off, Monday's Raw was actually a marked improvement compared to the last few weeks. The women's gauntlet match that main evented the show was terrific. Tyler Breeze getting a shot at Dean Ambrose was great to see. Plus, night one of the new regime and The Revival is finally being recognized for the great team that it is.


One of the biggest changes came in the form of some NXT call-ups. Six of them to be exact, although we already knew that Lars Sullivan was coming. He will be joined by Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery, EC3, and Nikki Cross. What brand they will land on has not yet been confirmed. Seeing your peers leave NXT to go to Raw and SmackDown Live must be tough. Someone who hasn't taken this particular batch very well at all is Velveteen Dream.

After WWE revealed which stars were getting called up from NXT, Dream sprung into action on Twitter. The first of his four tweets called out Mr. McMahon himself. Dream wrote "It’s Not His (Vince’s) Call 2 Make It’s URs." A bold statement and he wasn't done. Dream went on to ask fans to spam WWE with tweets to make sure they listen and also stated that he doesn't need writers or time to prove how good he is.

One of the main points Mr. McMahon made on Raw this week was that they would start listening to the fans again. That a lack of that was where they were going wrong. Unfortunately for Dream, most fans don't actually want him on the main roster. Those who have watched him in NXT are afraid of how he will be used on Raw or SmackDown Live. An understandable fear to have, but sooner or later, he has to make that step up.


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