Vickie Guerrero Wants To Do Ronda Rousey's Promos

Vickie Guerrero, the wife of the late, great Eddie Guerrero, wants to be to Ronda Rousey what Paul Heyman is to Brock Lesnar.

Rousey, who has spent a year as an active wrestler with WWE, lost the Raw Women's title to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35 after a neat run as champion and is undoubtedly one of the best talents in the ring. Her mic work, however, has been a subject of criticism since she joined the company.

Guerrero reckons Ronda doesn't need to touch a mic as she is such a remarkable performer, and she claims she would love to do the promo part for her.

Speaking to WFAN Sports Radio in a recent interview transcribed by Andrew Thompson of Fightful.com, Vickie sought to explain why the fans might have turned on Rousey, admitting that she hasn't been all that impressed herself.

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“Yeah I mean, you can be a fan which is fun and exciting. You can sit back in the front row and enjoy the show. Now she’s in the action. So it’s a different story now," she said.

"One night she did a promo, the fans turned on her and they booed at her and so she wasn’t ready for that and the crowd will eat you alive if they see that you sense any type of fear or insecurity, and they did, and I even tweeted on Twitter, ‘I just heard the most horrible promo’ and everyone’s like, ‘It was Ronda right?’ And I’m like, ‘No comment’.

“But that’s what I see as a fan on my couch watching. I’m like, ‘God, I’d just love to do her promos for her’ because she doesn’t need to do promos. She has a strength in the ring so, I always see that vision of: what if I could just get in there one more time.”

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What This Means

Ronda is hardly cut any slack for her promos, despite having revealed that she struggled to get over a speech impediment as a youngster and still finds it hard to stay confident while speaking in front of her crowd.

But, to be fair, Vickie's idea does seem like a brilliant one, although we could all do without hearing the words "excuse me" ever again.

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