[Video] Daniel Bryan And Kofi Kingston Troll Fans Chanting For CM Punk

Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston proved there was a pretty easy way to get out of a CM Punk chant if a live WWE crowd try to hijack a match.

Kingston and Bryan were battling for the WWE Championship in Lima, Peru on Saturday when the live crowd responded to some heel work by Bryan with a CM Punk chant. When Bryan tried to taunt the crowd by asking who the best in the world was, the crowd began to chant Punk’s name. With the match potential ready to go off the rails, Bryan and Kingston found a hilarious way of shoving the moment right back in the face of the fans.

Bryan and Kingston started to pull out Punk’s WWE finisher the “go-to-sleep” only to no-sell it after repeated deliveries and a kick out of each pinning attempt after a one-count.

The crowd quickly realized they weren't going to control the narrative of the match so they started to cheer for each time Bryan and Kingston delivered the move. Instead of chanting "CM Punk" they began to chant "one more time".

You can see a video of the series of events below:

What This Means

If there’s one thing most professional wrestlers probably hate, it’s a live crowd trying to hijack a match with a chant for a talent that isn’t even involved in the contest. Not at all worried about how weak it might make Punk’s finisher look, Bryan and Kingston turned the tide of the crowd quickly.

Other wrestlers should probably take note. If the crowd starts to chant for Punk, just to be difficult, all a wrestler needs to do is show that he’s not nearly the best in the world if his finisher can’t even get more than a one count. Basically, if you want to disrespect the talent in the ring by chanting for a guy who wants nothing to do with WWE, the least the stars of WWE can do is disrespect the guy you’re cheering for in return to shut you up.

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