[Video] WWE Accidentally Spoils Future Important Storyline Segment?

WWE may have accidentally released pre-taped footage between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman that was not meant to air, potentially spoiling a major storyline.

** Possible spoilers ahead

WWE has recently tried to pre-tape a few more backstage segments than they normally would in an attempt to get some of the more complicated shots just right. This includes angles like the Roman Reigns attack, some Street Profit segments and potentially Daniel Bryan moments on SmackDown Live. It makes sense WWE might start to avoid live shots considering the importance of certain ideas and that performing these angles live has challenges. They might have to re-think this strategy.

It appears one of the segments filmed between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman that furthers the storyline of friction between the two Raw Tag Team Champions, was shot and accidentally released on WWE's social media page.

Thanks to Twitter user @queenslaayer for the footage:

As you can see in the video, WWE is asking what's next for Rollins and Strowman as partners with tough opponents and some possible friction overshadowing their title defense. The footage shows Strowman pushing Rollins through a wall in an apparent argument but at no time have we seen any of this footage on WWE programming. Both Rollins and Strowman were on Raw this week, but this particular segment never aired.

What This Means

If this is a mistake, it is the kind of goof-up that could get someone fired. WWE took down the clip off their social media feed almost immediately but it was too little too late as the footage had been screen-captured. Will WWE change their direction now that this is out there? Was this a pre-taped shot that made the cutting-room floor and WWE decided against using it? Will they air this backstage segment next week anyway?

Most fans expected there would be more tension between Rollins and Strowman heading into Clash of Champions. That this type of segment would be produced is not shocking. But, that WWE accidentally posted the video and thousands of people have likely now seen the footage means WWE might have a decision to make.

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