Updated Viewership Numbers For AEW's First 2 PPVs Suggest They're Headed In The Right Direction

All Elite Wrestling isn't on TV yet, but figures from their first two PPVs suggest that they will command a healthy audience when their weekly show kicks off on TNT in the fall.

So far, the new promotion has hosted two shows, starting with Double or Nothing and following that up with Fyter Fest. Both shows were quite successful, with Double or Nothing selling out in a matter of minutes and Fyter Fest (which was free in the US) garnering a massive viewing too.

The newest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has presented some updated figures for both shows. According to the above, Double or Nothing brought in 38,000 buys in the US. International buys and streaming services such as B/R Live and FITE, though, took the number up to 108,000.

Fyter Fest was free of charge with a B/R Live account signup and there were 350,000 unique logins in the States. The international viewership figure is still unknown but all of these numbers spell success for a promotion that has only just started.

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Both shows also garnered very positive reviews from pundits and fans alike. Fyter Fest, which admittedly started off a bit slow, turned out to be an amazing show as it put some serious hardcore material on display.

There was that unfortunate chair shot Cody Rhodes took to the head that left him requiring several staples. And, while president Tony Khan has admitted it was a mistake, it was a signal of intent - for PPVs at least.

Khan also made sure to state that AEW won't be bringing as much violence to TNT so fans who were hoping for an all-round hardcore package will probably be disappointed. Those who were worried about their hearts, however, will be pretty relieved.

So it appears that, barring a failure to live up to the standards they've set so far, AEW will be staple TV for many wrestling fans. In the meantime, Vince McMahon seems to be stepping his game up over at WWE - it might be amazing wrestling on both ends for fans.

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