Vince McMahon Was Aware That Chris Jericho Had Signed For AEW

Chris Jericho spoke to Vince McMahon about signing with All Elite Wrestling before showing up at the rally in Jacksonville.

All Elite Wrestling made a lot of big announcements earlier this week at its rally in Jacksonville. However, the biggest news of all is that the promotion has managed to procure the services of Chris Jericho. Just as it looked like the rally was over, Fozzy's Judas played and Y2J strolled out onto the stage to break the news.

Speculation since has been that WWE and Vince McMahon are not happy about this. Their knee jerk reaction to the news would certainly suggest that. Within hours of discovering that AEW had signed Jericho, the six-time World Champion had been moved to the alumni section on WWE.com. He was also removed from the WWE signature that opens all its shows by the time SmackDown Live aired later that day.


However, it appears that Jericho showing up at the AEW rally would not have come as a surprise to Mr. McMahon. During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, host Bully Ray suggested the boss would not have been happy with Y2J's decision. Jericho shed a little light on why that isn't necessarily the case. "A lot of that stuff is private but I did have a very amicable conversation with him," he revealed.

"He knew it, he knew what I was doing. It was not a surprise," Jericho went on to say. It sounds as if the conversation he had with Mr. McMahon was similar to the one he had before he first wrestled for New Japan. Y2J didn't go to his former boss looking for permission, he just wanted to give him a heads up. The two have a lot of respect for one another and that is evident yet again from the interview above.

Even though we now know Jericho has signed with AEW, we are once again waiting to see what he does next. Does him showing up in AEW mean he can't work for any other promotions? Plus, what will his role with AEW be and who will he wrestle first? Despite the fact he is closing in on 50 years old, Jericho continues to grab headlines and remains as relevant as he has ever been in wrestling.


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