Bruce Prichard Reveals Vince McMahon Cried When Eddie Guerrero Won WWE Title

Bruce Prichard has revealed that Vince McMahon shed tears over Eddie Guerrero's WWE title win back in 2004.

The deceased legend shockingly defeated Brock Lesnar to claim said belt at No Way Out after winning a 15-man Royal Rumble to become the No.1 contender and the match was nothing short of incredible.

Speaking on an episode of his Something to Wrestle podcast, Prichard took his audience back to the breathtaking moment, claiming that everyone backstage was in tears after watching Eddie and Brock pull off a remarkable fight that should live long in the memory.

“That place exploded. They wanted that so bad and I think that a lot of people were waiting for this not to happen. So, when it came to reality and their guy just defeated [Lesnar], a classic David vs. Goliath, you just felt it," he recalled. "He immediately went into the audience, went to his mother. We were crying backstage.


"It was one of those special moments where you have an idea and it’s executed better than I even imagined. A very proud moment for me and a proud moment for the business. We had three weeks to get to the story of that match and people are still talking about it.”

Eddie did have a bit of help from Goldberg, who speared the then-champion while he was setting up an assault with the belt while the referee was down. And, while Pritchard didn't like the idea of Goldberg interfering in the match, he says it needed to happen.

"I knew we had to use it, but I hated using Goldberg in the finish. Hated it!" he continued. "It was a necessity, we had to use it to get to WrestleMania.”

"It was one of those special moments where you have an idea and it’s executed better than I even imagined," he added. "It was a standing ovation. There were hugs and tears all around. Vince was crying. He was very emotional because it was magical. Everyone believed there was a happy ending. Brock came back and it was one of the best matches he ever had in his life, he was so thankful. Every once in a while a good guy wins, and that’s what happened in this night.”

What This Means

It surely meant a lot to the WWE and the WWE Universe to see Guerrero go up against the odds to defeat Lesnar.

And given that even Vince broke down, it's clear that the former superstar was held in high regard by the promotion. Sadly, though, things came to an end way too soon. But Eddie's legacy will live on forever.

Viva la Raza.


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