Vince McMahon Called Last Second Meeting To Fire Big Cass

WWE made the surprising announcement today that Big Cass has been released from the company.

According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline, Vince McMahon called a meeting at the location of SmackDown Live, Toledo, Ohio, and fired Cass. This is on the heels of Cass losing to Daniel Bryan at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

Further details are still a bit sketchy, and the sources that we have reached out to are not clear on why this decision was so abrupt. This decision comes to a surprise to many, since Cass was the ideal "big guy" character that McMahon typically is high on, which was why WWE Creative made the decision to break him away from Enzo Amore and become a heel.

The Twitter account WrestleVotes, who broke the news that Neville walked out of WWE, stated that they received information from one their sources that the "big man p*ssed someone off, bad."

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For several weeks last year, WWE had an angle on Raw where Enzo Amore was attacked backstage, and Cass was trying to figure out who it was. For a short time, the two thought that The Revival were the culprits, but that proved to be a red herring.

Big Show eventually got involved, protecting Enzo while Cass was attacked. When Cass' attack happened, speculation that he was the person who attacked Amore was challenged. Cass became jealous of Big Show teaming up with The Certified G, and started to show some heelish ways.

The angle closed an episode of Raw when videotape was aired of Cass faking his attack, and being the person who attacked Enzo Amore. This started Cass' heel push, gaining victories over Enzo and Big Show. The day after his SummerSlam win against the Big Show, Cass tore his ACL during a match against Cass, shelving him for eight months.

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Cass continued his heel push by commencing an angle with Daniel Bryan, defecting to SmackDown Live upon his return from injury.

However, reports of Cass going against WWE's orders during his segment of mocking Daniel Bryan by bringing out a little person led him in the "doghouse," and he lost two straight pay-per-view matches against Bryan before being released today.


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