Vince McMahon Is Pleased With Paul Heyman's Work On Raw So Far

It's been nearly two months since Paul Heyman was promoted to Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, and so far, WWE chairman Vince McMahon is thrilled with the job done thus far.

Brad Shepard said on Oh, You Didn't Know (h/t Ringside News), that McMahon "was happy with SummerSlam and Raw." The chairman reportedly gave Heyman "public credit" and "uncharacteristically lavishing praise."

While new SmackDown Live Executive Director Eric Bischoff hasn't fully moved into his new role yet, Heyman has taken over Raw - adding plenty of noticeable and positive changes to the product.

Heyman has brought back some elements from the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras. There's been more violence, destruction and hardcore matches. The first example of this was an incident between Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman on the July 1 episode of Raw. The two superstars crashed through the LED screen and set off fireworks backstage, giving fans a true "wow" moment.

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There has also been a more adult oriented product in with the 24/7 Championship storyline, with Drake Maverick obsessed with winning the championship while trying to "consummate" his marriage. Maria Kanellis even held the title for a brief period, rubbing in the fact that nobody would be able to take the title away from a pregnant woman.

Raw has also seen a nice jump in television ratings over recent weeks. According to Showbuzz Daily (h/t WrestlingInc.com), 2.729 million tuned in for Raw this week - compared to 2.473 million for the Aug. 5 episode. In four of the last five weeks now, Raw's ratings have gone up. Indeed, Heyman is doing a fine job in rebuilding the product for WWE's flagship program.

What This Means

The Raw program was growing stale and boring for quite some time, so it's a positive sign that Vince is pleased with Heyman. That means we'll continue to see fresh ideas, new storylines and a better television show overall. When all is said and done, hiring Heyman to run Raw should go down as one of Vince's greatest business decisions.

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