Vince McMahon Will "Step Away From WWE" To Focus On XFL

Vince McMahon is still running the show in WWE while trying to prepare for the XFL's 2020 relaunch - which will begin after Super Bowl LIV on Feb. 2.,

McMahon has an exhausting few months ahead of him, but it sounds like he's actually going to put WWE in somebody else's hands as he he gears up for the return of the XFL next February.

According to Brad Shepard of Oh, You Didn't Know (h/t Ringside News), McMahon has informed "his XFL circle that he’ll step away from WWE for a very short period of time." This all depends on how things go with the Fox SmackDown and NXT USA Network broadcast changes, per Shepard.

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On top of that, Shepard added that McMahon will continue to "focus on the league," as long as Raw, SmackDown and NXT "are steady." So if things go accordingly, the WWE chairman will have to plan ahead of time as to how he'll want the wrestling product to play out during his hiatus.

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via EWrestling

It's obvious Vince will have Triple H and Shane and Stephanie McMahon lead the way. New Raw Executive Director Paul Heyman and SmackDown Live director Eric Bischoff will most certainly have a huge say in how things will go while Vince is away, too.

Fox will first take over the SmackDown Live broadcasts on Oct. 4, and the show will be moved to Friday nights. NXT will move over to the Wednesday evening slots, thus competing with AEW's weekly TV program.

What This Means

Vince probably hates the idea of having to step aside from WWE right now. After all, two of his brands are about to switch networks  - and the company is in the early stages of a wrestling war with AEW. But the WWE should be in good hands while he steps aside to try and revive the XFL.

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